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     It lasts three days in a row. The first fruit-growing fair in the country was held in Kyustendil in 1896 when gave rise to the tradition of the national fruit-growing exhibition. The tradition was revived in 2008.


     Chosen by God, loved by fairies, marked with the sign of sanctity, cherries are a symbol of the good. They are portents of summer, the door to fertility and luck in Kyustendil.


     In Kyustendil cherry is included in the customs and culture of the people, it is guarded and cared with love, with hope of prosperity.


     A lot of growers display various sorts of cherries in the town square. Besides, everyone tries to present the cherry in a different and interesting way. Visitors can see works of art devoted to cherry - dolls, jewelry, sculptures, icons and other authentic works masterfully crafted by the skillful hands of artists and artisans. The growers guard their stands and production, but also entertain everyone, who enjoys the festival. In the diligent hands of Kyustendil chefs cherry is widely used in beautiful cakes, jams, compotes and syrups which decorate the tables. And the visitors discover this diversity of the cherry’s world with sheer amazement.


     Rich folklore programme is a part of the festival, too. Many participants from Kyustendil, neighbouring municipalities and guests from Serbia take part in the folklore festival. There is also a competition for the best decorated stand.


     Website: http://cherryfest.kustendil.bg/

Do you know that:

  • Kyustendil Spring is the first contest in Bulgaria for the most beautiful girl.
  • Kyustendil was the last of the big Bulgarian towns to fall under Ottoman rule.
  • the arch is a preserved wall of an old community center.