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House-Museum Ilyo Voivoda

     The house was built in the seventies of the nineteenth century and after the Liberation to 1898 in it lived Ilyo Voivoda - one of the renowned figures of the National liberation movement.


     The house was restored in 1979-1980, and officially was opened as a museum in January, 1981. Together with the monument of the voivode and the restored houses of two others revolutionary activists from Kyustendil - Konstantin Popgeorgiev Berovski and Tonche Kadinmostki is formed a complete Renaissance memorial complex.


     Now the house is restored and hosts an exposition called: “The National Liberation fights of the people from Kyustendil. Focus is given to the battles from the XV century up to the Liberation, as well as to the people’s contribution to the national liberation and unification of the Bulgaria in the late XIX and early XX century. The exhibition is located in six rooms, has an area of ​​150 square meters and contains about 800 exhibits. It follows the national-liberation activities of the population in Kyustendil until Bulgaria's Liberation. Basic accents in it are the life and work of Ilyo, а rebellion of May 1876, the participation of local people in the Bulgarian volunteer force and the town's liberation from Ottoman rule in January 1878.


     Address: 189 boulevard Tsar Osvoboditel, Kyustendil

     Telephone: 078/55-01-26

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Do you know that:

  • the International Competition for Classical Guitar “Academic Marin Goleminov" is organized annually in Kyustendil.
  • Hissarluka used to be completely deforested, but at the end of XIX and the beginning of XX century under the guidance of the forester Jordan Mitrev a coniferous forest was started.
  • the arch is a preserved wall of an old community center.