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Kadin Bridge – village of Nevestino

     Kadin Bridge (Bride’s Bridge) is an impressive architectural monument  in the centre of Nevestino. This is a Medieval 100-meter long bridge built over the river Struma and has five circle vaults, the highest of which is in the middle. The architecture of the bridge is a mixture of ancient, medieval and Renaissance elements, which are locally reproduced. It is covered with granite slabs some of which have inscriptions taken from ancient ruins. It is decorated with stalactite ornaments and rosettes. There is a granite plate with an inscription in Turkish built in the southern part of the eastern parapet. This inscription says that the bridge was built on the orders of Vizier Isaac Pasha from Egira in 1470.


     The name of the bridge “Kadin” or “of a bride” is connected to the legends concerning its building. The first legend is about three brothers from the nearby village who were building a bridge over the river Struma, but during the night the waters of the river destroyed and swept away what had already been built during the day. The brothers did not want to be mocked and made a very difficult decision to sacrifice the wife who first brought breakfast to her husband. This was for the sake of making the bridge solid. The first wife to come was Manol’s wife. The young woman carried with one hand her first baby and with the other the breakfast and had hardly managed to say “God help” when the brothers caught her and walled her in the middle vault. While they were walling her up, she asked them to leave out her breast and make a vent for her eyes so that he could breastfeed and watch her child. That is why the bridge was called “of a bride” – in Turkish “Kadun” (later “Kadin”).


     Another legend tells that the bridge was a wedding gift to a brave Bulgarian bride by Sultan Murad.


     According to the third legend, the bridge was built at the insistence of a local Turkish judge – in Turkish "kadia", and thus received its name "Kadin" bridge.


     Kadin Bridge is considered to be one of the most remarkable monuments of construction  in Bulgaria of this period. In 1968 it was declared as an architectural monument of national significance. From it you can see a magnificent view of the Rila mountain.Nnext to it there is a nice park with places for rest, recreation and fishing. In the immediate proximity of the bridge is the Chetirski inn, where the visitors of the village could enjoy various delicious dishes.


     It is 13 km from Kyustendil to Nevestino.

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Do you know that:

  • the film “The Knight of the White Lady” was shot in Kyustendil.
  • Ruen is the fifth highest peak in Bulgaria.
  • in 1966 Kyustendil was declared a national resort.