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Park Hissarluka

     Hissarluka is a hill, situated south of the city, a spur of the mountain Osogovo. There are some hot mineral springs. 


     During the Middle Ages with the construction of the fortification system of Hissarluka, the hill was completely deforested, as a result of which it experienced a strong erosion.


     In the late XIX and early XX century a coniferous forest was started under the guidance of the forester Yordan Mitrev. After September 9, 1944 the forestation continued and Hissarluka was transformed into a beautiful park for tourism, rest and sport.


     The park Hissarluka has an area of ​​1300 hectares. In it dominates the black pine, and you can also see white pine, fir, spruce, maple, oak, lime and others. There are many paths, rest areas with benches and alcoves, picnic sites, children's playgrounds and fountains, too. Some hotels and restaurants are also built - Orlovo gnezdo, Cheshmeto, The general's villa, Bohemia and others. There is also a children's sanatorium, a zoo, "Path of Health", "Alley of Love", the chapel St. Forty Martyrs and a karting track. Hissarluka is associated with folk traditions and holidays, and today – with the traditional festival Kyustendil Spring.


     The park is connected to Kyustendil with three asphalt-paved roads and many paths. From the higher parts you can see a wonderful panorama of the town and its surrounding mountains. Hissarluka is an often visited tourists’ destination and a starting point for trips in the mountain Osogovo. On the highest plain part of the park is situated the Late Antique and Medieval fortress Hissarluka.


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Do you know that:

  • with the help of Dimiter Peshev nearly 50,000 Jews were saved from sure death.
  • the film “The Knight of the White Lady” was shot in Kyustendil.
  • Hissarluka used to be completely deforested, but at the end of XIX and the beginning of XX century under the guidance of the forester Jordan Mitrev a coniferous forest was started.