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     The zoo in Kyustendil was established in 1962, initially as a small zoo in the place Doctor Djanki on the initiative of the city forester Ivan Sarbinski. In 1966 the zoo was moved to а picturesque area, among beech and pine trees in the park Hissarluka, south of the city, where it is still located. There were 15 cells for herbivores, carnivores and birds and a small collection of natural science collection. Designer of the zoo is Grisha Vladimirov.


     Over the decades, the zoo has become a favorite place for walking and rest for locals and tourists. Near the zoo is located and Late Antique and Medieval fortress Hissarluka.


     Currently in the zoo in Kyustendil you can see many animals (given the small size and scale), most of which are characteristic of the Bulgarian lands. Nowadays the zoo has more than 50 animals.

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Do you know that:

  • Kyustendil used to be named Velevuzdion, Velbondzh, Konstantin’s bath Uludzha, Bath, Kolasia.
  • Kyustendil is one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria.
  • During the period 1371-1395 Kyustendil was the capital of Velbuzhd’s region.