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Century-old Redwoods in the Area Yuchbunar

     The country of redwoods, which are also called Californian pines, is Sierra Nevada. This is the largest representative of the plant world.


     In Bulgaria, the redwood was brought in 1890, 1905 and 1914, and in Kyustendil in the area Yuchbunar, near the village of Bogoslov (7 plants) - in 1890 and 1914 by Yordan Mitrev.


     Now three unique century-old redwoods - giganteya rise there. They were declared a natural monument in 1989. They are the oldest and the highest redwoods in Bulgaria as their age is over 120 years and their height is more than 30 m. Around them there are more than 100 younger redwoods, grown from seeds by the forest workers Ilia and Gyula Tsvetanski.


     The trees are very interesting and attractive. Not only local people, but people from all over the country are frequent visitors of the area.


     From Kyustendil to the redwoods it is 7 km.

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Do you know that:

  • Hissarluka used to be completely deforested, but at the end of XIX and the beginning of XX century under the guidance of the forester Jordan Mitrev a coniferous forest was started.
  • the house of Prokopiev is the oldest preserved house of the period of Bulgarian National Revival in Kyustendil.
  • the Roman baths in Kyustendil are the second by largest in Bulgaria.