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The Waterfall in the Village of Polska Skakavitsa

     The waterfall Polska Skakavitsa is located near the villages Polska Skakavitsa and Razhdavitsa - 18 km northeast of Kyustendil, on the right bank of the Struma River.


     The height of the water fall is about 50 meters which ranks the waterfall third in Bulgaria. It was declared a natural monument in 1968. The waterfall is formed by the right feeder of the river Struma - river Shiroki Dol. Near the waterfall is the Orthodox church St. Dimiter.


     Around the waterfall there are over 19 fish species and 600 plant species, which are unique for the region. There are dozens of endangered plant species, including orchids,too. This is the only place where you can meet five species of swallows.


     According to a legend, at these places lived the hermit St. Ivan Rilski almost nine years.


     There are two ways to get to these wonderful places. The first option is to travel by train with the railway line Kyustendil - Sofia and to get off in Skakavitsa. After around 30 minutes of walking you will reach the waterfall. Another option is by car. As you start from Kyustendil, pass through the village of Razhdavitsa and take the road to the villages Polska Skakavitsa and Poletintsi. Just before entering the village of Polska Skakavitsa there are signs that guide you to turn right on the dirt road.


     The beauty of the waterfall is reflected in the works of Vladimir Dimitrov - the Master and Constantine Irechek, who said about the area that is one of the most beautiful places on the Balkan Peninsula.


     From Kyustendil to the waterfall it is 25 km.


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Do you know that:

  • the Roman baths in Kyustendil are the second by largest in Bulgaria.
  • Kyustendil Spring is the first contest in Bulgaria for the most beautiful girl.
  • in 1966 Kyustendil was declared a national resort.