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The Seven Rila Lakes

     The Seven Rila Lakes is a group of lakes with glacial origin, located in the Rila mountain. Their altitude ranges from 2095 m to 2535 m. This is the most visited by tourists lake group in Bulgaria and it is one the hundred national tourist sites. The individual lakes are connected by small streams. Small cascades and waterfalls are formed with the passing of the water in these streams.


     From top to bottom the lakes bear the following names: Teardrop, Eye, Kidney, Twin, Trefoil, Fish Lake and Seventh Lake. The name of each of the Seven Lakes is related to specific characteristics.


     The height of Teardrop is 2535 m. It is named for its transparent waters which offer visibility in depth. The lake is small in size – it has an area of ​​7 acres and is only 4.5 meters deep.


     Next in height is Eye, which is almost with perfect oval form. The Eye is the deepest circus lake in Bulgaria – it is deep 37.5 m. Its area is 68 hectares and its altitude - 2440 m.


      Kidney Lake has a characteristic shape (looks like a kidney) and is situated 2282 meters above the sea level. Its greatest depth is 28 m. It is the lake with the steepest and rockiest shores of the entire group.


     Twin Lake is situated 2243 meters above the sea level and has an area of ​​91 acres and a depth of 27 m. This is the largest lake in area of ​​the Seven Lakes. In its middle it becomes narrow and in arid years, it becomes almost divided into two smaller lakes, from where comes its name. Sometimes it is stocked with fish.


     Trefoil Lake is at an altitude of 2216 meters and has irregular shape. At some places its outlines are lost in spilled streams. Its area is 26 acres and its maximum depth - 6.5 m.


     Fish Lake is situated at an altitude of 2184 meters and is the most shallow - its depth reaches only 2.5 m. The area of ​​this lake is 35 acres. Its banks are grassy and the bottom is muddy, overgrown with reeds.


     Seventh (Lower) Lake is at an altitude of 2095 m. It is the lowest of the seven lakes. It collects the water of all the other lakes and gives the beginning of Dzherman River. Its area is 59 acres and its depth - 11 m. It is characterized by low, grassy banks.


     Meetings of the White Brotherhood are often held in the area of ​​the Seven Rila Lakes - you can visit their websites at www.bratstvoto.net or www.bialobratstvo.info. They get together in the period March 22 to September 22 and perform a ritual dance called Paneurhythmy. Main categories in their teaching are love, wisdom, truth, righteousness and virtue.


     It is about 70 km from Kyustendil to the Seven Rila Lakes.

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Do you know that:

  • Kyustendil Spring is the first contest in Bulgaria for the most beautiful girl.
  • the redwoods near the village of Bogoslov are the oldest and the highest in Bulgaria.
  • the first Bulgarian school in the town of Kyustendil was established in 1820 in the courtyard of the church “Virgin Mary’s Assumption”.