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Waterfall Skakavitsa in Rila

     Skakavitsa is the name of the highest waterfall in Rila Mountain. The waterfall is located on Skakavitsa river in the valley Skakavitsa, at the foot of the eastern slope of peak Kabul, in Northwestern Rila. The altitude is 1750 m and the height from which the water falls, is 70 m.


     Skakavitsa is a main tourist site in the area. This is due to the springs located in the vicinity, and the century-old forests of Macedonian Pine that surround it. In winter, the waterfall freezes completely and it becomes a place for ice climbing competitions.


     The waterfall is on 10 minutes from the hut Skakavitsa and is easily accessible and very pleasant in all seasons. For the hut Skakavitsa you should start from Panichishte. The entire trip from Panichishte to the waterfall and back will take 3-4 hours walking in a calm and relaxed way.     


     It is about 60 km from Kyustendil to the waterfall.

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Do you know that:

  • the redwoods near the village of Bogoslov are the oldest and the highest in Bulgaria.
  • in 1966 Kyustendil was declared a national resort.
  • Kyustendil was the last of the big Bulgarian towns to fall under Ottoman rule.