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      The theatrical act in Kyustendil started in 1873 when the first amateur theatrical company introduced the play Evil woman. It’s interesting that the classroom where the play was performed was too small and every time before the show a wall was destroyed in order to have enough space for the audience. After the performance they built the wall again so the students could use their classroom again in the morning.


      The theatrical act was in uplift in 1907 after the constriction of a new library building with theatrical hall. The beginning of half-professional theatre was in 1945 by the name National Library Theatre, which had separate budget.


      The present theatrical building was opened on 6 February, 1978. It is in modern style, with а lot of marble, columns and glass windows, which remind the classical curves of Greek and Roman decorative motifs. The hall has a balcony and boxes, which remind of the National Theatre in Sofia.


     323 plays written by 190 authors were performed from1952 to 2010. For the same time in the theatre worked 330 actors, above 100 producers and 60 scene-painters.  


     Address: 26 A boulevard Bulgaria, Kyustendil

     Telephone: 078/ 55 00 90

     Website: http://theatrekyustendil.com/


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Do you know that:

  • Kyustendil is applying for European Capital of Culture.
  • Pautalia means “fountain”, “spring city” in translation.
  • on the stage of Kyustendil theater for the first time in Bulgaria and in the world Mother by Maxim Gorki was performed.