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Church St. Martyr Mina

     The church was built in 1934 next to the old Renaissance church St. Mina designed by architect Anton Torniov.  It is a reduced model of the church St. Alexander Nevski in Sofia in its architecture.


     The church has impressive architecture, with the two high domes with a large number of window niches. The first dome marks Jesus Christ – the head of the church but both are the inseparable nature of the God-man. The building is decorated with facade cornices and ornaments. It has two floors with a cellar under the whole temple. The interior is covered with frescoes.


     The church actually was the first charity institution in the town – it supported orphans with its own resources, gave them lodging, food, clothing, and it also helped poor families.


     The church is one of the most impressive and representative churches in Bulgaria, an operating temple of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.


     Address: Between Tsar Osvoboditel and Hadzhi Yoakim Streets, Kyustendil


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Do you know that:

  • Hissarluka used to be completely deforested, but at the end of XIX and the beginning of XX century under the guidance of the forester Jordan Mitrev a coniferous forest was started.
  • Ruen is the fifth highest peak in Bulgaria.
  • Pautalia was among the most flourishing cities in Ancient Times.