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Ahmed Bey Mosque

     The mosque is located in the central part of Kyustendil, next to the Roman Therms. It was built in the middle of 15th century.


     In 1904 a strong earthquake split the minaret, (which led to its final removal by the urban governance) and it was finally removed by the urban governance. The mosque is an impressive building with large dome and marble pillars and supports. The entrance arcade, covered with three small domes, is preserved in its original look. The facades are varied with arches with sharp tops - niches over the window openings. The mosque was built with stone blocks and bricks from earlier eras. It is unique by its decorative brick decoration, characteristic of medieval Bulgarian architecture - cornice “wolf tooth”, brick ornaments and others.


     The mosque is not active and currently serves as an exhibition hall of the museum in Kyustendil.


     It is an architectural monument in the category of national importance.


     Address: 2 Stefan Karadzha Street, Kyustendil


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Do you know that:

  • the Roman baths in Kyustendil are the second by largest in Bulgaria.
  • Pautalia means “fountain”, “spring city” in translation.
  • the first Bulgarian school in the town of Kyustendil was established in 1820 in the courtyard of the church “Virgin Mary’s Assumption”.