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Ruen Monastery St. Ivan Rilski - village of Skrino

     The monastery is located in a beautiful area about 3 km from the village of Skrino - the birthplace of St. Ivan Rilski. It is one of the newest monasteries in Bulgaria.


     On the same place in the past there was another monastery called “St. Martyr Dimiter Solunski”. The construction of the new monastery on the ruins of the old one began in 1995, and the monastery was consecrated and officially opened in 2002. The funds were provided from donations and foundations. Following the example of seclusion, visitors are not allowed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Sundays and holidays, visitors can hear the monastic choir during the mass.


     Ruen Monastery is a male monastery. The monks produce by themselves jam, honey and great delight, with which treat visitors. They paint icons and write books. Around the church there is a garden, benches for rest and old trees. The monastery church is original and well painted, with rounded shapes and beautiful gilded altar and the iconostasis is a real work of art. There are also requirements for clothing.


     The monastery can be reached by car (there are roads through the village and before the village), but you can leave your car in the square of the village and get to there on foot. It takes about an hour.


     From the monastery start paths to the cave where Ivan Rilski began his monastic life, there is a path to the "Cross" and to holy water.


     It is around 38 km from Kyustendil to the monastery.


     Website: http://stingers.my.contact.bg/2/index.html


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Do you know that:

  • the Roman baths in Kyustendil are the second by largest in Bulgaria.
  • Kyustendil is one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria.
  • Hissarluka used to be completely deforested, but at the end of XIX and the beginning of XX century under the guidance of the forester Jordan Mitrev a coniferous forest was started.