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St. Peter and Pavel Renaissance Church - village of Prekolnitsa

     St. Peter and Pavel is the oldest and the largest Renaissance church within the region of Kamenitsa. It is situated in the center of the village of Prekolnitsa. It is a three-nave basilica with three blank domes and rich decoration of woodcarving of the double-breasted iconostasis. It was built upon the bases of an older and very smaller one. According to the church founder's stone inscription above the door that leads to the naos the shrine was built 1848. Its sizes are 22 x 12 m.


     The iconostasis was wood-carved by Kote Gyuvi the Master from the town of Sapareva Banya. The icons were painted by Peter Georgiadis from Yaninsko in 1853.


     In the yard, there are a part of a small Renaissance school (teacher's room) and a furnace once used for ritlal feasts with an inscription “June 1,1848” preserved. In the eastern part of the church's yard there are the gravestones of the church donors Mitre Botsev and Malin Tsonev.


     The church is a cultural monument.


     From Kyustendil to the church it is about 20 km.

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Do you know that:

  • the famous children's poet Vesa Paspaleeva is from Kyustendil.
  • with the help of Dimiter Peshev nearly 50,000 Jews were saved from sure death.
  • two world champions in rhythmic gymnastics - Iliana Ilieva and Tsvetomira Philipova grew up and trained in Kyustendil.