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Monastery Church St. Dimiter – town of Boboshevo

     St. Dimiter Church lies 4 km to the west of the town of Boboshevo. The church is located in a place tucked in magnificent nature. It is a small, one-nave building with internal dimensions 4.15 m x 2.66 m and height of 5.50 m. The church is the only one building which remained from the Boboshevo monastery, created probably in 10th century. It has provided shelter to the most famous Bulgarian saint St. Ivan Rilski. Historical evidence shows that the Boboshevo monastery „St. Dimitar”, is one of the most ancient monasteries in Bulgaria. The church was built after 1481, and the frescoes date from 1488 and were made by students of the Ohrid School.The monastery church was one of the first ones to be restored during the period of the Ottoman Rule.


    Authentic frescoes painted in 1488 have been preserved and restored in the church. They entirely cover the walls and the vault, as well as the former western fasade (today this is the eastern wall of the narthex). These frescoes make the church an impressive art monument and it has been declared a cultural monument of national significance.


    The quality and degree of preservation of the frescoes provoke great interest. The enchanting combination of artistic values of the church and beautiful nature makes the experience so impressive and unforgettable that the beautiful memories remain for life.


     It is about 40 km from Kyustendil to the town of Boboshevo.

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Do you know that:

  • the first Bulgarian school in the town of Kyustendil was established in 1820 in the courtyard of the church “Virgin Mary’s Assumption”.
  • Kyustendil was the last of the big Bulgarian towns to fall under Ottoman rule.
  • in the period 1952 - 2010 in the theater of Kyustendil 323 plays by 190 authors were performed .